The work of African road is not charity or aid

– it is empowerment for transformation, fueled by friendship and stories of hope.

Our History

It all started when Kelly Bean and Lori Martin visited Rwanda in 2007. They met inspiring East Africans who had a vision for their countries and communities. They kept in touch and began to form long-term friendships.

From these friendships developed a new model of giving: one that was sensitive to the local economy and culture and the significance of the individual. In 2010, African Road received tax-exempt status, and the story has been growing since then.

What We Mean When We Say…


A form of giving that can create dependency , rather than empowerment. Historically a positive term to describe generosity.


Immediate relief that is necessary as a short term solution, a crisis response to meet basic needs. Not a long term strategy.


Powerful, positive change that reaches beyond the surface and goes to the core of a person or an organization.


A realistic expectation and desire for something good, cultivated by imagination and the dreaming of dreams.


Mutual trust, support and genuine relationships founded on personal connection.

We Grow Circles