By Grace McLaren, 2017 Learning Trip Participant

Here’s what I’d say to someone thinking about coming on a Learning Trip: Expect this to change your life in some way. The African Road Learning Trip recalibrates how you see things.

I am really glad that I joined the 2017 African Road Learning Trip. The connections with African Road partners were really natural and meaningful and very inspiring. Kelly Bean’s leadership helped me feel calm, safe and well informed at all times. I loved our travel team and had a great time spontaneously leading two Myers-Briggs sessions for the group*. A special treat was spending time with Batwa leader Evariste Ndikumana who my husband and I supported through university a few years ago. I hadn’t seen Evariste in nine years. He’s grown into a wonderful leader who is making a difference for his people in Burundi. He calls me ‘mom’ and I am proud of him. Now that I am home I realize how much this trip helped me to really care about and understand the countries we were in and people we were with in a way I will not forget.

Grace leading a Myers Briggs session for the team.

*Grace McLaren is a MBTI consultant based in Florida. When the team expressed interest in learning more she generously offered to bring her expertise to the group. What a neat bonus for forming our terrific team. Thanks Grace!

Learn more about the Batwa by watching our film “Why Most Batwa Can’t Legally Work, Marry, or Vote — Identity in Burundi”.

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