Host an African Road party and invite your friends!

Inspired by the work of African Road? If you’d like to host a party to communicate the work of inspiring African Road partners then there’s many ways you can do this. TALK TO US, we like a good party.

Attend an African Road Story Share or House Party

Small events throughout the year can update you on the progress of our friends. If you’d like to hear more about our events then sign up here to get periodic email updates.

African Road Fundraiser Gala

African Road gala

Every year, we host a celebration of the work of our African Road partners, we tell stories, we invite people to get involved, and there’s usually dancing involved in some form. It’s excellent.

Sometimes we eat beans and rice. Sometimes we party like the Burundians do – and one of the many things we’ve learnt from our friends in Burundi is how to party. We love recognizing diversity, but we also love celebrating life.

To learn more about our 2017 gala, click here.

Our fabulous gala is hosted and funded by friends who love African Road – not by general donations.

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