The scent of baking pies, the happiness of loving hugs, faces of sweet children we haven’t seen for too many months, catching up with loved ones here at home. In the middle of all of this joy, friends in East Africa remain near to my heart.

Exuberant dancing, joyful welcomes, testimonies of progress and hard work, the taste of sweet juicy mangos and the sound of warm heavy rain. This time last week I returned from three weeks working in Rwanda, Burundi and Uganda. Whether you knew it or not, you were there with me.

This morning I offer these words of thanks to you from the Togetherness Women’s Bakery girls. You invested in and blessed them with skills, business start-up supplies and support to succeed in their endeavor.

We were young in our knowledge and now we are professionals because of the training. Murakoze cyane, cyane (thank you so, so much!)

Before we began it was difficult even to buy my own soap. Now I do not worry. I am happy.

There is a big difference in my home because I now have a job and skills. I thank you each one.

Each trip fills me with gratitude for you, the circle of African Road friends. Each step forward leaves me with a profound sense of what can take place when people join together. Thank you for making real change possible.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, with love and deep gratitude,



The working team in Burundi, from left to right: Evariste Ndikumana, Jennifer Hatton, Joni Powers, Kelly Bean, Sheri Grant, Katie Garner, Jeremy Stanley, and Isadore Ndacayisaba.

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