In the past week alone…


    • More than 150 children from the indigenous Batwa tribe in Burundi started school.
    • Crops are being planted in three rural Batwa villages.
    • Progress is being made in Kenya on a well project.
    • Funding was committed for teacher training for Togetherness preschool teachers in Rwanda.
    • 50 women and young people in Burundi completed their third segment of VICOBA training and have set up two community savings groups and are preparing to launch dozens of small businesses.
    • An assessment in rural Kenya was completed and 50 women will begin VICOBA training to start their own community savings group and businesses, next month!


And that just scratches the surface.


Golly — it makes me almost breathless to realize this all took place since last week!


These are YOUR stories. Your support is what makes the good work happen. I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this incredible community.


Kelly Bean
Executive Director

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